European Salvaged Collection

Salvaged from a collection of old European homes, barns and industrial buildings scheduled for demolition, these oak lumbers have travelled an amazing journey surviving unscarred through a plethora of European conflicts and two world wars.

The trees from which the timber was derived grew in ancient forests rich in biodiversity. They were felled when they reached maturity-often hundreds of years old-and possessed features that can not be seen in the new timbers of today: denser grains, unmatched size and richer, deeper colours. These features imbue

the timber with an intrinsic beauty and durability that is unsurpassable by new timber.

The 17th Century was one of the most important centuries in the making of the modern world that still contributes to our current time, such as helping to preserve our forests. So, in choosing reclaimed timbers, you are not only choosing to work with a material that has stood the test of time, but you are also making a sustainable choice.


We pride ourselves on rediscovering the beauty of the past and creating the opportunity for this unique product to be appreciated and shared by the generations of the future.

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