European Salvaged Collection

Salvaged from a collection of old European homes, barns and industrial buildings scheduled for demolition, these oak lumbers have travelled an amazing journey surviving unscarred through a plethora of European conflicts and two world wars.
The trees from which the timber was derived grew in ancient forests rich in biodiversity. They were felled when they reached maturity-often hundreds of years old-and possessed features that can not be seen in the new timbers of today: denser grains, unmatched size and richer, deeper colours. These features imbue the timber with an intrinsic beauty and durability that is unsurpassable by new timber. Read More

Barn Oak-White Ash
Barn Oak-Colonial Pure
Barn Oak-Baka
Barn Oak-Colonial Grey
Barn Oak-Colonial
Barn Oak-Grey Ash
Barn Oak-Grey Stone
Barn Oak-Pure Ash
Barn Oak-Pure Stone
Barn Oak-Stone
Barn Oak-White Ash
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