Pasaulio grindys supplies floor and wall coverings made of the historical wood.

Coverings are made of old port quays, buildings of North America, mills of the Baltic region, antique Chinese boats, Venice canal poles, Belgian octaves and other historical wood from all over the world.

Senovės mediena

Wood experts carefully analyse every wood plank they are processing, recognize the exceptional qualities and consider the best ways of its usage. Defects and aging signs are being removed and the best properties of the wood are being revealed. Every element of the wood has a unique history and exclusiveness which can be guaranteed by the attentive work of the wood masters.

Kruopšti medienos lentų atranka

Pasaulio grindys offers partnerships for designers and architects who care about innovation and sustainability. Pasaulio grindys is a strategical partner of Imondi in the Baltic states. Imondi operates in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Netherlands and the wood coverings they supply are highly appreciated by the most famous world‘s architects and designers in over 30 European, North American and Asian countries.

Restorano interjeras, grindų danga iš perdirbtos medienos

Pasaulio grindys offers coverings which are awarded as the most sustainable architectural product in the world by the “Architizer A+ Awards | Products + Sustainability“ in 2014.

Pasaulio grindys – history and sustainability in every piece of the wood!